Little treasures chanced upon. This week’s etsy finds are full of flappers and frippery, rust and nostalgia.

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Happy Friday!
~Love from Dorian


I love barbecues and fireworks and overdosing on iced, and if I’m a little bit of a patriot, well, I won’t exactly go out of my way to hide it. The other things that I’m digging this week:

Eating potato salad straight from the container ♡ Swimming at night ♡ Baby tomatoes ♡ The scent of fading sunscreen ♡ The Gloss’s Very Bad 4th of July-Inspired Fashions – absolutely hilarious (and a little painful) ♡ Trying out new 50s-esque hairstyles ♡ Spinach and artichoke dip ♡ American Revolution documentary marathons, from the informative (The Revolution, parts 1-13) to the slightly ridiculous (Benjamin Franklin’s Pirate Fleet). I’m not joking about that last one! ♡ I adore Zooey Deschanel to the point of madness, and can’t wait for The New Girl! Please get here faster, September? ♡ Conversations about theoretical brunches with Dita von Teese. ♡ So it turns out, practically everyone is related to Charlemagne. Amateur geneologists rejoice! ♡ My Daguerrotype Boyfriend: Historic hotties with more sideburns than you can shake a stick at.

Happy Fourth of July, darlings! Be happy, be well, be safe, and don’t forget the SPF 50 when you’re out by the pool, lake, beach, or whereever you’re out adventuring.
~Love from Dorian

Happy Saturday, darlings!
Here at the DorianCave we’ve been hit, nearly simultaneously, by two waves: one seasonal, miserable heat wave that crested right on the first day of summer, and another tiny, furry tsunami of teeth and waggy tail.
That’s not an excuse for not updating with last week’s Love List, except it really sort of is. Between crate training, potty breaks, and attempting to dissuade an eight-week-old Lab from thinking your trousers are delicious, keeping track of time plummets down your list of priorities. But really? every chewed on sock and whiff of nuclear-grade puppy breath is worth the trouble. I could write ten Love Lists about little Miss Sophie, but I’ll attempt to behave myself and whittle it down to this week’s list 😉
Without further ado:
♡ Belly rubs that get that hind leg going! ♡ Puppies in kiddie pools ♡ That sense of celebrity you get walking into PetCo with something tiny and darling ♡ Finally getting to put the Resolve away after three days of accidents ♡ Puppy hiccups (cutest thing I have ever seen) ♡ That first time wearing their harness and leash and looking so ridiculously adorable you kind of want to die on the spot.

As for our regularly-scheduled programming…
Old-school Depeche Mode ♡ Cute boys pondering the organic artisan cheeses at Trader Joe’s – hello foodie crush! ♡ Walking into a store and hearing a favourite song ♡ Gala Darling posted these matchbox gardens on her blog – how sweet! I’d love a neighborhood of them on my desk ♡ The new header/icon over at the etsy shop! Simple, but it gets the job done ♡ Frothy neon chiffon skirts ♡ Having great neighbors ♡ Trader Joe’s pomegranate limeade (and vodka, shh!) ♡ Lazy summer nights, bats swooping ♡ Plotting ridiculously frivolous dolly clothing ♡ And finally, my most heartfelt congratulations to New York on achieving marriage equality! ♡

So, darlings, what are you in puppy love with this week? 😉
~Love from Dorian

I’m in no way pagan but occasionally I feel an inexorable, almost primal pull towards a simpler form of worship. Appreciation of the cycles of nature. Often I joke that I’m a werewolf (the full moon recharges my batteries, so to speak), and every time a solstice or equinox rolls around, it triggers this impulse to do something in celebration. Rituals are foreign, complex, and a little bit intimidating to the uninformed, especially those who don’t consider themselves pagan like myself – but that doesn’t mean little steps can’t be undertaken to commemorate the longest (or shortest!) day of the year.

Thus far, the longest day of the year is also the hottest – I’m loathe to light a candle or some incense, let alone a bonfire, for fear of spontaneously combusting. Venturing out of doors, away from the sweet siren call of air-conditioning, is out of the question, although earlier we did manage to pull the cover off of our swimming pool and end its six-month long hibernation. Does that count as being appropriately celebratory for the first day of summer?

Stereotypical signs of the season aside, I’m making up my mind to commemorate this year’s summer solstice by just promising to myself that I’ll update this blog more often. Summer is the season of growth and liveliness, when the air (when it’s not baking hot) is full of promise. Possibility, even. And pure joy at being alive and well and here to witness everything unfold. There’s nothing big on my plate – no school, homework assignments, or jobs squabbling for my attention, so why not? Let this blog be a catalog of what makes me feel alive, a chronicle of how I grow, what happiness I’m feeling. This isn’t an apology for not updating like I said I’d try to, just a manifesto for not letting it happen again. Dying on the vine is no longer an option, for any creative endeavor. And with 17 hours of sunlight, it feels like anything is possible.
~Love from Dorian


The first bout of vaguely summery weather we’ve had in the better part of a week…a few days ago I was seriously considering building an ark.

But now: Fresh iced tea, a homecooked meal eaten outdoors, and lots of lemon olive oil. Feels like summer at long last.

Drop your strudel and stop the presses! It’s time for another Weekly Love List!
What’s stolen my heart this week:

Guerrilla room redecoration ♡ Plotting for Camp NaNoWriMo (You sick of me blathering on about it yet?) ♡ Writing good manifestos for your life ♡ Mum’s pumpkin bread – I’d share the recipe but it’s not right to unleash addictive substances on the unwitting public! ♡ Mark Gatiss tweeting from the Sherlock set ♡ Waiting for goodies in the mail ♡ Thunderstorms ♡ #YASaves – ever since the Wall Street Journal’s travesty of an article on YA Lit, I’ve been following the hashtag on twitter. All of the stories are seriously amazing ♡ Neko Case ♡ Cable Knit Dresses. Can we say future wedding dress? ♡ Betsey Johnson’s line of swimwear. As a girl who needs a little wiggle room, I’m digging the layer cake tops and bottoms – decent coverup while still being ultra-fun and girly, I love it! Where’s some winning lotto tickets when you need ’em?

So, darlings, what are you crushing on this week?
~Love from Dorian

Weekly Love Lists

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of Gala Darling’s bright little corner of the internet, and her weekly Things I Love Thursday posts are one of my favourite things about her website! It’s so easy to get swept away by all of the little stresses and irksome things in life and ultimately get sucked up into a roiling whirlpool of negativity (trust me, I’ve been there). To me, doing what Gala (and a large portion of her readerbase) are doing with Things I Love Thursdays is such an easy, lovely way to combat all the things that bring you down.
A few weeks back, my dear friend Ookami started doing a weekly ‘Things I Love’ list over on her LiveJournal, and encouraged her friends to start doing the same. It’s only been three weeks since I’ve started keeping tally but already the shift in mindset is astounding. I’ve gone from only focussing on the negative and the things that used to fill me with all-encompassing, fist-clenching, teeth-gnashing rage, to appreciating and being filled with surprise and delight at all the little “good things” that surround me on a daily basis.

So far, my only setback is picking a designated day of the week to post these lists, and sticking to it 😉 Sundays seem to be the norm, but a little spontaneity in life is fun!

So without further ado, here’s this week’s Love List!

Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s dimples ¤ The snood of my dreams actually appearing in my dreams ¤ Small miracles after big tragedies ¤ Things being less complicated than originally thought! ¤ Free e-books ¤ New friendships/finding my online braintwin ¤ Barista training ¤ HelloGiggles! ¤ Ridiculously sparkly pedicures ¤ Vanilla-fig balsamic vinegar on grilled peaches (are you jealous?) ¤ Pin-up style inspiration ¤ Nutella gelato ¤ The Soviet Nachthexen – these ladies were seriously awesome! ¤ Actually having things to post on my blog. Always a nice feeling…

So, readers, what are you loving this week?
And, as always, thanks for reading!
~Love from Dorian