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Hullo, World!

Once upon a time, I started a blog and didn’t write anything in it. All of the posts partially and poorly written, and all of the ideas only half-heartedly chased, languished in the ‘drafts’ folder, untouched. A year later, lonely and abandoned, I had to put the blog out of its misery. That was doing it a kindness. It was a wasteland of squandered ideas, a testament to human laziness, a constant reminder of how many things I wanted to share but never really gave wings.
This blog, with any hope, will not meet that poor blog’s sad fate.

So here I am with you on WordPress, the whole of the summer holidays stretching before us golden and full of possibility. But I won’t waste much more time on sad stories of blogs past and daydreaming about the future. This is a blog of projects, ideas, inspiration – all things to be shared! I resolve, at least for the summer, to share them with you, and that sharing shall begin immediately!
Very pleased to meet you, and thank you for joining me on

~Love from Dorian


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